Dreams Do Come True in Paris Disneyland

If you can dream it,you can do it. That’s what Walt Disney had said. And just like many kids,I grew up forgetting about my dreams and fulfilling them but life has a way of reminding people to believe again and I was sent to the best trip ever to Magical Land,Paris. xX

Paris is a beautiful place. It makes you believe in love,beauty and everything good inside. The architecture and the smell of history are just all over. But its not the only thing to see in Paris. It is best to do a combination of magic and art.

Disneyland Paris is one of the best places that I’ve been to. I’d say its one of the best 4 days of my life as well.

Now,question is,is it alright to go to Disney even if you are not with family or if you feel like you’re old for it?  100 %, it is still one of the best destination,be it for singles or lovers or families,people from all age groups.

I would even recommend people not just to visit Disneyland for a day but get the chance to stay inside as well to reap the special benefits that Disneyland can give you.

1st day: we got picked up from CDG airport to Disneyland directly. Travel time would be around 40 minutes and is much nearer compared to the city center from the airport. Upon arrival,we were given the free time to explore and discover the newly refurbished Newport Bay Club Hotel,where a marine theme Disney is being displayed all over the place.

Btw,2 restaurants are available and you can choose from a buffet dining or a made to order restaurant. I noticed that there were plenty of choices in their buffet area and its really delish so if u are a big eater like me,then the buffet option is the perfect choice for you.

After dinner,we took the chance to roam around the Disney Village and do some Photo ops before the official tour starts.

Blaggiiir agerrn. 🐷

inside the Disney Village.

There are too many restaurants and bars inside the Disney Village where adults can spend and hang out if they are not yet done for the night. 😊

2nd Day: The start of magic and the fulfillment of dreams.

We started early and had an early check out and check in again in Disneyland Hotel.

FUN FACT: Disneyland Hotel is the best hotel to stay if you are not fond of walking and would want to have a direct access of Disneyland Park.

We spent the whole 4 days inside Disneyland and indeed,dreams do come true. It was just purely magic! xX

Paris Disneyland,I will come back soon…next time,with the love of my life. xX

Early Morning Thoughts

How good are you in adulting? Do you find it easy to transcend into adulthood or are you same as me,lost and drowned in the sea of humanity?

Lets pause for awhile and think how we had these lofty dreams when we were still children. We were so naive,we created dreams which is a lofty as reaching the sky but what happened in the process? Why are we here stuck,why am I here stuck and unknowing of what to do in my life?

I used to remember before, I was in a hurry to grew up. I dreamed of things such as having a stable job at 24 or getting married and living happily at 27 and here I am,not knowing what and where to go.

On the other hand,the feeling of not knowing teaches me how to go with the flow of life and embrace the bad,the good and the ugly. It gives me the power to not expect and live life as if it will never happen again. It allows me to see things and experiences in a deeper perspective.

I may not know where to go right now,but one thing I am sure of,I will live this life with no regrets.

Life is only meant to be lived once anyway. xX

Lives intertwined by twists of fate.

Unto the Land of Pharaohs. 

Touching the Pyramids and getting inside that mysterious tomb is one thing that I thought I could only experience in history books. Another ticked off in my wanderlust. Weeee. 🗿🗿🗿

Getting to Egypt from UAE is such an easy game. You can find as much as 900 Aed/two way flight already. Sounds good right?  

And the land package was all arranged by a famous tour operator,”OnTheGo” tours. From experience,I would say it would be best to travel with these type of tour group or to travel with a local if u have friends from that country as it saves u the hassle of getting advantage on. 


With our newfound friends from FC-SA
  We stayed in Movenpick Pyramids the whole 4 days and inside most hotels,there is  a currency exchange that will convert your local currency to Egyptian Pounds. (as to most travels that I have,I usually convert AED to USD prior as its a constant one) . 

We spent the night going to Caviar where delighful Egyptian Foods were served. 

On the second day,we had an early morning start in the Pyramids. It would be best if one go there the earliest possible around 8/9 as it closes around 12 noon.  


You get two tickets actually,one for Saqqara and one for the general entrance. 

We spent the whole day exploring the inside of the pyramids and I just cant help but be amazed with how the ancient Egyptians made that kind of structure. Inside as well,you’ll see the hieroglyphics which were in books only before. So surreal. 

In the afternoon,after our Pyramids Exploration and our sumptuous lunch which by the way was AMAZING,we went to the local library and saw how a papyrus was made and I even bought one myself for  safekeeping. Yaaayssssh for history and ancientry.  

We had then a taste of Nile River Cruise after a long day and it was so dreamy and Cooolldd(that was really unexpected for me-kaya nga namernssss maraming namamatay sa maling akala. 🎭)

Second to our last day was spent for shopping in Al Khalili where there were too many trinkets,Egyptian souvenirs and even leathet slippers and bags at a very cheap price. (its like our own Divisoria in Pinas) and after all the shopping,we went to the museum where the tomb of King Totem and mummies were preserved. Its like goong back to an Egyptian history over and over again. 
The museum amazed me in so many ways. It transcended me to a different era and opened my eyes to my love for history and mystery once again. 

Egypt all in all is one of the best countries that I’ve been to and I really cherished the memories that I had with the members of the tour group. One of a kind. 


and of course,who wouldnt want kissing the SPHINX?? 😂

Bangkok:U Stole My ❤️

Bangkok-one place where I wouldn’t mind going back again and again. If you are on a budget,a travel enthusiast,a sucker for culture and history and a food lover,then this place is for you.

I spent only  4 days in the city and I had to make the most of my time to cover the essential places as much as I can.

We arrived on the afternoon of the 2nd January and from there,we took the airport link down to Ramkhanhaeng Station and from there took a taxi to where our hotel is in Nantra Ekamai,the Nantra Ekamai Hotel (3*) and is around 5 minutes walk only to the rail station.

When booking for a hotel in Bangkok,it is always best and advisable if you book a hotel near a train station to make your life easier. 🙂

First stop: Food at Pier 21. Everything was just amazing and I was in awe. We bought a card where we had 50 baht and I was able to buy one set of dinner and one dessert (the famous sticky rice with mango and milk).

After getting filled,we walked around Siam Square and one tip,be there during Christmas or the holidays as the square is filled with plenty of beautiful sights.

And then,a must try as well is the TUK TUK drive where you have to bargain hard as its more expensive than a taxi. It took us 80 baht to go to Khao San Road where life,parties and foreigners and the famous outside massages mostly are.

2nd Day: It was a long day and I have to wake up very early to catch the floating market. So far,this has been one of my favorites spot to visit. Food was everywhere and I just couldn’t help but gasped. Oh for the love of foood and it was soooooo cost effective that only your diet will be ruined but never your pocket. :p

We didn’t get a chance to go to the famous market,Damnoen as it was already to far. We settled with Taling Chan market,which is around 10 minutes only away from the city and has a more local feels.

We had a small river cruise that went for almost an hour and that costs us 60 baht. Very cost effective,hey?

After spending almost the half day in the market,we went to the highlight of the day which is the famous temples to visit,the Wat Pho and the Grand Palace. What we did to make our life easier was bought a river cruise for a day costing us 50 baht but if you are on a tight budget,just purchase one way at 20 baht and the remaining return and back and forth from the temple is only 2 baht for the smaller boats.

It is also advisable to wear pants or skirt when you go to this sacred places but if not,they also provide some cover up which you can use.


And of course,if you get there on a weekend,never miss SHOOPPING in the famous CHATUCHAK MARKET. There were too many shopping trinkets,just prepare your pocket to get broke. hahaha.

3rd Day: Last Day. As much as I would not want to stay,time went so fast.We spent the half day going to Madame Tussauds and my suggestion is to book it 24 hours in advance for you to save.

There were still too many places to go to like Ayuthaya and other places I’ve never been to. but still it was indeed very memorable and surely,see you again soon Bangkok.

And of course,some blogger poses in one of the quirkiest design in the city. ❤

That thug inside your ❤️

Thinking bout you makes my heart flutter. 

Leaving me numb and discluttered. 

I dont wanna hope babe but Im willing to put my heart out there again if its you that il be taking my chance again. 

But know what keeps me from falling? 

Its the uncertainty that its just temporary and ur just feeling it momentarily. 

The thought that maybe just maybe ur hiding something from me again just to keep me from leaving. 

I dont want us momentarily babe so when I take this chance,I desire for it to be forever. 

So even if I want to,even my my heart says go,I’ll say no for now and wait till I know what exactly this gut feeling is telling me to do.

And hopefully,you’ll still be there waiting for my heart to be given to you. 

But for now,Iloveyou nalang sa tago. ❤️

Life in Bird’s Eyeview

I woke up early this morning promising myself that this gonna be a different morning from the rest of the previous days that I had. No more slacking off,no more snoozing off the alarms. But honestly,I nearly lose again with sleep pulling me back but naaah,my arms and my flabby stomach and a healthy lifestyle matters more. 

So yeah,11th November at 6 am,I woke up,dressed up and went out for the long awaited walkathon/running that I have planned days ago and hopefully,tomorrrow and the next morning will be the same and for the rest of my life and get that much dreamed body that I had ever since time can remember. 

And you know whats good from jogging in the morning aside from the fact that you exercise? Its the privilege to see the sunrise,the beauty of Mother Earth. 

I wanted to take a shot and pose it again on Instagram but looking back,I realized that I  cannot capture the true beauty of it no matter how many filters I apply and no matter how many photos I’ll take. And it wake me up to the fact that all these social medias started out with a good intention of sharing the beauty that we see to the people that we love but somehow along the way,we lost track of it and ended up taking selfies and photos to impress. Isnt it sad? 

Dreams?! No more. 

Leaving Pinas and starting all over again in the Middle east paved my way to find my gene lust and myself all over again. 

I remember as a kid,I used to dream of travelling the whole world. I didnt know how back then,but I just daydream all the time about it. 

Elementary and highscool fed me up with these travels and adventures thru Girl Scouts,campings from other departments and lots and lots of competitions.

I used to even sneak out and do chores just to travel. (peace momsssy. ✌🏼️)

But then college turned out to be different. I was stuck in school studying and as much as I want to love and embrace my profession fully,I can feel that I owe myself much much more and I need to unlock and unbury those lustful dreams. 

 Leaving my nursing career behind and venturing into the travel industry was no easy game. I received a lot of “whys” and “are you sure?”,or “ur a nurse,sayang naman”,that I myself questioned me,”will this be worth it?”

But then I again,I realized,life is too short to live with what ifs and regrets,so I took the risk and now,I am working as if I am just playing and living my childhood dream. 

Come with me. Be with me in my journey to see the beauty of the universe.