Life in Bird’s Eyeview

I woke up early this morning promising myself that this gonna be a different morning from the rest of the previous days that I had. No more slacking off,no more snoozing off the alarms. But honestly,I nearly lose again with sleep pulling me back but naaah,my arms and my flabby stomach and a healthy lifestyle matters more. 

So yeah,11th November at 6 am,I woke up,dressed up and went out for the long awaited walkathon/running that I have planned days ago and hopefully,tomorrrow and the next morning will be the same and for the rest of my life and get that much dreamed body that I had ever since time can remember. 

And you know whats good from jogging in the morning aside from the fact that you exercise? Its the privilege to see the sunrise,the beauty of Mother Earth. 

I wanted to take a shot and pose it again on Instagram but looking back,I realized that I  cannot capture the true beauty of it no matter how many filters I apply and no matter how many photos I’ll take. And it wake me up to the fact that all these social medias started out with a good intention of sharing the beauty that we see to the people that we love but somehow along the way,we lost track of it and ended up taking selfies and photos to impress. Isnt it sad? 

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