That thug inside your ❤️

Thinking bout you makes my heart flutter. 

Leaving me numb and discluttered. 

I dont wanna hope babe but Im willing to put my heart out there again if its you that il be taking my chance again. 

But know what keeps me from falling? 

Its the uncertainty that its just temporary and ur just feeling it momentarily. 

The thought that maybe just maybe ur hiding something from me again just to keep me from leaving. 

I dont want us momentarily babe so when I take this chance,I desire for it to be forever. 

So even if I want to,even my my heart says go,I’ll say no for now and wait till I know what exactly this gut feeling is telling me to do.

And hopefully,you’ll still be there waiting for my heart to be given to you. 

But for now,Iloveyou nalang sa tago. ❤️

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