Bangkok:U Stole My ❤️

Bangkok-one place where I wouldn’t mind going back again and again. If you are on a budget,a travel enthusiast,a sucker for culture and history and a food lover,then this place is for you.

I spent only  4 days in the city and I had to make the most of my time to cover the essential places as much as I can.

We arrived on the afternoon of the 2nd January and from there,we took the airport link down to Ramkhanhaeng Station and from there took a taxi to where our hotel is in Nantra Ekamai,the Nantra Ekamai Hotel (3*) and is around 5 minutes walk only to the rail station.

When booking for a hotel in Bangkok,it is always best and advisable if you book a hotel near a train station to make your life easier. 🙂

First stop: Food at Pier 21. Everything was just amazing and I was in awe. We bought a card where we had 50 baht and I was able to buy one set of dinner and one dessert (the famous sticky rice with mango and milk).

After getting filled,we walked around Siam Square and one tip,be there during Christmas or the holidays as the square is filled with plenty of beautiful sights.

And then,a must try as well is the TUK TUK drive where you have to bargain hard as its more expensive than a taxi. It took us 80 baht to go to Khao San Road where life,parties and foreigners and the famous outside massages mostly are.

2nd Day: It was a long day and I have to wake up very early to catch the floating market. So far,this has been one of my favorites spot to visit. Food was everywhere and I just couldn’t help but gasped. Oh for the love of foood and it was soooooo cost effective that only your diet will be ruined but never your pocket. :p

We didn’t get a chance to go to the famous market,Damnoen as it was already to far. We settled with Taling Chan market,which is around 10 minutes only away from the city and has a more local feels.

We had a small river cruise that went for almost an hour and that costs us 60 baht. Very cost effective,hey?

After spending almost the half day in the market,we went to the highlight of the day which is the famous temples to visit,the Wat Pho and the Grand Palace. What we did to make our life easier was bought a river cruise for a day costing us 50 baht but if you are on a tight budget,just purchase one way at 20 baht and the remaining return and back and forth from the temple is only 2 baht for the smaller boats.

It is also advisable to wear pants or skirt when you go to this sacred places but if not,they also provide some cover up which you can use.


And of course,if you get there on a weekend,never miss SHOOPPING in the famous CHATUCHAK MARKET. There were too many shopping trinkets,just prepare your pocket to get broke. hahaha.

3rd Day: Last Day. As much as I would not want to stay,time went so fast.We spent the half day going to Madame Tussauds and my suggestion is to book it 24 hours in advance for you to save.

There were still too many places to go to like Ayuthaya and other places I’ve never been to. but still it was indeed very memorable and surely,see you again soon Bangkok.

And of course,some blogger poses in one of the quirkiest design in the city. ❤

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