Unto the Land of Pharaohs. 

Touching the Pyramids and getting inside that mysterious tomb is one thing that I thought I could only experience in history books. Another ticked off in my wanderlust. Weeee. 🗿🗿🗿

Getting to Egypt from UAE is such an easy game. You can find as much as 900 Aed/two way flight already. Sounds good right?  

And the land package was all arranged by a famous tour operator,”OnTheGo” tours. From experience,I would say it would be best to travel with these type of tour group or to travel with a local if u have friends from that country as it saves u the hassle of getting advantage on. 


With our newfound friends from FC-SA
  We stayed in Movenpick Pyramids the whole 4 days and inside most hotels,there is  a currency exchange that will convert your local currency to Egyptian Pounds. (as to most travels that I have,I usually convert AED to USD prior as its a constant one) . 

We spent the night going to Caviar where delighful Egyptian Foods were served. 

On the second day,we had an early morning start in the Pyramids. It would be best if one go there the earliest possible around 8/9 as it closes around 12 noon.  


You get two tickets actually,one for Saqqara and one for the general entrance. 

We spent the whole day exploring the inside of the pyramids and I just cant help but be amazed with how the ancient Egyptians made that kind of structure. Inside as well,you’ll see the hieroglyphics which were in books only before. So surreal. 

In the afternoon,after our Pyramids Exploration and our sumptuous lunch which by the way was AMAZING,we went to the local library and saw how a papyrus was made and I even bought one myself for  safekeeping. Yaaayssssh for history and ancientry.  

We had then a taste of Nile River Cruise after a long day and it was so dreamy and Cooolldd(that was really unexpected for me-kaya nga namernssss maraming namamatay sa maling akala. 🎭)

Second to our last day was spent for shopping in Al Khalili where there were too many trinkets,Egyptian souvenirs and even leathet slippers and bags at a very cheap price. (its like our own Divisoria in Pinas) and after all the shopping,we went to the museum where the tomb of King Totem and mummies were preserved. Its like goong back to an Egyptian history over and over again. 
The museum amazed me in so many ways. It transcended me to a different era and opened my eyes to my love for history and mystery once again. 

Egypt all in all is one of the best countries that I’ve been to and I really cherished the memories that I had with the members of the tour group. One of a kind. 

and of course,who wouldnt want kissing the SPHINX?? 😂

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