Dreams Do Come True in Paris Disneyland

If you can dream it,you can do it. That’s what Walt Disney had said. And just like many kids,I grew up forgetting about my dreams and fulfilling them but life has a way of reminding people to believe again and I was sent to the best trip ever to Magical Land,Paris. xX

Paris is a beautiful place. It makes you believe in love,beauty and everything good inside. The architecture and the smell of history are just all over. But its not the only thing to see in Paris. It is best to do a combination of magic and art.

Disneyland Paris is one of the best places that I’ve been to. I’d say its one of the best 4 days of my life as well.

Now,question is,is it alright to go to Disney even if you are not with family or if you feel like you’re old for it?  100 %, it is still one of the best destination,be it for singles or lovers or families,people from all age groups.

I would even recommend people not just to visit Disneyland for a day but get the chance to stay inside as well to reap the special benefits that Disneyland can give you.

1st day: we got picked up from CDG airport to Disneyland directly. Travel time would be around 40 minutes and is much nearer compared to the city center from the airport. Upon arrival,we were given the free time to explore and discover the newly refurbished Newport Bay Club Hotel,where a marine theme Disney is being displayed all over the place.

Btw,2 restaurants are available and you can choose from a buffet dining or a made to order restaurant. I noticed that there were plenty of choices in their buffet area and its really delish so if u are a big eater like me,then the buffet option is the perfect choice for you.

After dinner,we took the chance to roam around the Disney Village and do some Photo ops before the official tour starts.

Blaggiiir agerrn. 🐷
inside the Disney Village.

There are too many restaurants and bars inside the Disney Village where adults can spend and hang out if they are not yet done for the night. 😊

2nd Day: The start of magic and the fulfillment of dreams.

We started early and had an early check out and check in again in Disneyland Hotel.

FUN FACT: Disneyland Hotel is the best hotel to stay if you are not fond of walking and would want to have a direct access of Disneyland Park.

We spent the whole 4 days inside Disneyland and indeed,dreams do come true. It was just purely magic! xX

Paris Disneyland,I will come back soon…next time,with the love of my life. xX

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