Early Morning Thoughts

How good are you in adulting? Do you find it easy to transcend into adulthood or are you same as me,lost and drowned in the sea of humanity?

Lets pause for awhile and think how we had these lofty dreams when we were still children. We were so naive,we created dreams which is a lofty as reaching the sky but what happened in the process? Why are we here stuck,why am I here stuck and unknowing of what to do in my life?

I used to remember before, I was in a hurry to grew up. I dreamed of things such as having a stable job at 24 or getting married and living happily at 27 and here I am,not knowing what and where to go.

On the other hand,the feeling of not knowing teaches me how to go with the flow of life and embrace the bad,the good and the ugly. It gives me the power to not expect and live life as if it will never happen again. It allows me to see things and experiences in a deeper perspective.

I may not know where to go right now,but one thing I am sure of,I will live this life with no regrets.

Life is only meant to be lived once anyway. xX

Lives intertwined by twists of fate.

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