Dreams?! No more. 

Leaving Pinas and starting all over again in the Middle east paved my way to find my gene lust and myself all over again. 

I remember as a kid,I used to dream of travelling the whole world. I didnt know how back then,but I just daydream all the time about it. 

Elementary and highscool fed me up with these travels and adventures thru Girl Scouts,campings from other departments and lots and lots of competitions.

I used to even sneak out and do chores just to travel. (peace momsssy. ✌🏼️)

But then college turned out to be different. I was stuck in school studying and as much as I want to love and embrace my profession fully,I can feel that I owe myself much much more and I need to unlock and unbury those lustful dreams. 

 Leaving my nursing career behind and venturing into the travel industry was no easy game. I received a lot of “whys” and “are you sure?”,or “ur a nurse,sayang naman”,that I myself questioned me,”will this be worth it?”

But then I again,I realized,life is too short to live with what ifs and regrets,so I took the risk and now,I am working as if I am just playing and living my childhood dream. 

Come with me. Be with me in my journey to see the beauty of the universe.  

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